The Philosotive Way

Hello and welcome to Philosotive! I’m not quite sure what may have what lead you to this page. Perhaps it was through an external link, or through a friend’s recommendation, or perhaps you randomly stumbled upon it (which is probably the case). Regardless of how you got here, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you. I truly hope you find Philosotive both inspiring and motivational.

So now the inevitable question. What is Philosotive?

Philosotive isn’t just a word, a logo, or a website. It is a way of thinking. A way of behaving. A way of living. I’m not here to preach. Nor am I here to tell you how to live your life. That’s on you. But what I am here for is to help you enhance your life.

Philosotive’s mantra is simple:

    • Think Critically

    • Care Deeply

    • Live Positively


  • Think criticallyQuestion what you’re told. Examine what you see. Don’t take information at face value. Be an independent thinker. Have opinions. Speak up. Be individualistic.

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